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As a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair, I am constantly trying to improve the cultural childcare experience for my Au Pairs and Host Families. I was approached by an Au Pair in my cluster who wanted a way to connect with other Au Pairs and learn more about the American culture. I approached Go Au Pair about this and after months of preparation, we released the Au Pair Sis program. This is an interactive online community that offers support and guidance during the Au Pairs stay in America and beyond. I was fortunate enough to be selected as the Au Pair Sis! Each week, I post blogs and videos about Cultural Differences, recipes, crafts, games and we even have a book club and a weekly Ask Au Pair Sis; where Au Pairs can ask questions to other LARs and headquarters.  Learn more about the Au Pair Sis program here

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It has been so much fun working with a company that actually cares! I look forward to connecting with you in our online community!


Styrofoam Printmaking

Printing from styrofoam plates helps children learn that they can upcycle everyday materials into beautiful objects and teaches them patience and planning as they work through multiple steps to reach an outcome.
  • Styrofoam plate
  • Scissors
  • Copy Paper
  • Pencil
  • Paper tape, like masking tape
  • Tempera or Poster Paint
  • Cookie Sheet or Piece of Acrylic
  • Brayer
  • Paper or tablecloth to cover workspace

easy crafts printmaking kids

  1. Cut the rim off the styrofoam plate.
  2. Place the stryrofoam circle on top of a sheet of tracing paper, and trace around the circle.
  3. Remove the plate.
  4. Draw a picture or design on the copy paper. Avoid drawing small details that will disappear when printed.
  5. Tape the drawing on top of the plate.
  6. Retrace your drawing, pushing hard enough to press into and make a mark on the plate.
  7. Remove the paper.
  8. Retrace the drawing on the styrofoam plate, creating deep grooves in the plate.
  9. Roll a small amount of paint onto the cookie sheet or piece of acrylic, and then roll the paint over the styrofoam plate.
  10. Cover the plate with a piece of copy paper, and press it down firmly with your whole hand.
  11. Remove the paper to reveal the printed magic.
  12. Repeat as desired.

Styrofoam Print Making is from Tinker Lab.

Au Pair Live-in Childcare is Flexible and Affordable.My name is Janine and I am a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair. If you are interested in a cultural care experience for your family click here: or feel free to contact me at AuPairRep [at] gmail DOT com.

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Halloween Handprint Cats Craft

Here are some really creative cats for Halloween made from hand prints.


  • white paper
  • black  and white paint


  1. Dip hands into black paint and press onto paper. Keep the thumb wide, it will be the head.
  2. Paint on a long tail. Allow to dry.
  3. Use a small brush and white paint or white out to add details like eyes, whiskers and claws.
  4. If desired, make a wall for the cats to stand on and a moon in the sky.

Spotted on Preschool Crafts for Kids.

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Paper Bag Pumpkin Craft

This cute kids’ paper bag pumpkin craft is perfect for table decorations or, if filled with candy, a great party treat bag. They are easy to make with simple supplies for a fun Halloween craft for kids.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 brown paper lunch bag
  • Acrylic paint: orange and leaf green
  • Paintbrush
  • ¼ sheet brown construction paper
  • 6- 12” pieces of green raffia
  • Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Paint the outside of the lunch bag with orange paint.
  2. Paint the inside, top portion of the bag with leaf green paint.
  3. Paint a second coat of orange paint on the bag, only this time, paint the top outside portion with the leaf green-colored paint.
  4. When paint is completely dry, fringe the green section of the bag with your scissors, strips should be approximately ½” – 1” wide.
  5. Fill bag with crumpled newspaper (if using as a decoration) or candy and treats.
  6. Gather top of bag with your hand and tie a piece of raffia around it, just below the green section.
  7. Continue tying pieces of green raffia around the neck of the bag until all of it has been used.
  8. Cut a 1.5” wide strip of brown construction paper and roll up into a tube. Insert the tube of paper into the center of the green portion of the bag as the stem. If these bags are used as decoration, you can glue the stem in place.


  • To reuse these decorations at Halloween, add faces as jack-o’-lanterns by gluing on yellow construction paper facial features.
  • If using these as party bags, you may want to grab all raffia pieces together and tie them into one knot to make them easier to remove rather than ripping the bag open.
  • To give the bags some weight, especially if they will be displayed outside, add a cup of sand or clean cat litter to the bottom of the bag before adding the crumpled newspaper.

This Halloween Craft was spotted on Kaboose.

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Curled Paper Pumpkin

Give a twirl to a new way of using plain old construction paper as you create these fancy-looking paper pumpkins. Hang this creative project in your window on a suction cup, or make several and hang them like a garland across your door.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 sheet orange construction paper
  • Scrap strips of brown and green construction paper
  • White craft glue
  • Pencil
  • String
  • Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Cut orange construction paper into half-inch strips.
  2. Wrap strips around a pencil. Remove from the pencil and glue the end of the strip to close the circle. Repeat for as many circles as you need to create your pumpkin, we made 22
  3. Lay the circles on your work surface and arrange them into the shape of a pumpkin.
  4. Glue the circles together
  5. Cut three green strips about three to four inches long. Curl the end of each strip around a small paint brush or simply roll it up to get a tighter curl. Glue the straight end into the top of your pumpkin to create the green leaves.
  6. Cut a brown strip of paper about two inches long. Fold in half and insert into the top of the pumpkin to create a stem and secure with glue
  7. Once everything has dried, you can tie a piece of string through the pumpkin stem and hang from a suction cup hook.


  1. Buy a large package of construction paper at the dollar store for plenty of fun projects.
  2. For smaller circles, wrap paper around a small paint brush handle.
  3. White craft glue is perfect for this project, however white school glue will work as well.

This craft was spotted on Kaboose.

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Bubble Wrap Indian Corn Craft

Here is an adorable fall craft from No Time for Flash Cards:

thanksgiving craft Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of paper, a crayon, paint, a piece of bubble wrap, a paint brush, glue and scissors.

  1. Draw 2 ears of corn on a yellow or white piece of construction paper.
  2. Mix some paint on a plate, and dip the bubble wrap in it, I blotted it in paper towel first. This was as much as my son would do with the wrap, right after I took this picture I got told ” No , no brush, pease” .
  3. If your child likes bubble wrap have them press the bubble wrap on their corn. My son used a paint brush instead. I did a bubble wrap one though, so you can see the results below ! Let the corn dry.
  4. When your child is painting with bubble wrap or a brush, draw some husks on the 2nd piece of paper.
  5. Have your child paint it brown with a paint brush, as you can see my son was all over this step! Let everything dry.
  6. Cut out the corn – you can see that as cool as the bubble print corn is the one my son made is just as wonderful, so don’t stress if your child goes “off book” it’s all good! It looks almost like he used the wrap in places but it was all dotting with the brush.
  7. Cut out the husks, if your child can use scissors let them do the cutting, and glue to the top of the corn.

Spooky Boo Bubbles

 In Family & Seoul’s Halloween Countdown, they mentioned “Spooky Boo Bubbles”.  Here is the fun activity from Mommas Fun World.
The kids love to play in the bubbles, so we mixed orange kool-aid and alittle black food coloring together and made Spooky Boo Bubbles. We mixed in the Halloween fun toys as well from the Dollar Tree. They are plastic and hold up well. We have done several different sensory play with them.
Materials: Dish soap for bubbles Kool-aid (orange) Food coloring (black) Dollar Tree Halloween toys


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