Au Pair Sis

As a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair, I am constantly trying to improve the cultural childcare experience for my Au Pairs and Host Families. I was approached by an Au Pair in my cluster who wanted a way to connect with other Au Pairs and learn more about the American culture. I approached Go Au Pair about this and after months of preparation, we released the Au Pair Sis program. This is an interactive online community that offers support and guidance during the Au Pairs stay in America and beyond. I was fortunate enough to be selected as the Au Pair Sis! Each week, I post blogs and videos about Cultural Differences, recipes, crafts, games and we even have a book club and a weekly Ask Au Pair Sis; where Au Pairs can ask questions to other LARs and headquarters.  Learn more about the Au Pair Sis program here

If you want to check out our interactive online community, we are on Facebook:, Twitter: and Pinterest:

It has been so much fun working with a company that actually cares! I look forward to connecting with you in our online community!