Halloween Party Games

Here are some Halloween Games from Kids Activities.


Number the bottom of the small gourds that look like miniature pumpkins and float them in water for the children to choose one for small prizes.


Number and line up 5 small baskets or containers; have children stand 3 feet (or farther depending on ages) in front of the first container and toss seeds into them in sequence. Small prizes can be given for each container seeds get in.


This is like a regular cake walk except instead of numbers, place pictures of several fall items on the floor for the children to walk; call out the names of the items instead of numbers. Award the child that lands on the picture of a pumpkin—a small/miniature pumpkin! Use fall themed music such as “Turkey In The Straw” or “Jimmy Cracked Corn”.


Idea***Have a PUMPKIN SEED SPITTING CONTEST OUTSIDE! Clean seeds, dry, save and then play…

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