Bats, the Moon and Nighttime Fun for Kids

Here is a great way to enjoy fall with the kids from

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Fall is a great time to explore the night!  Head out for an evening of exploration on a cool autumn evening.  Enjoy a few books and activites that highlight the night!


Night Hikes

Halloween isn’t the only reason to get out at night in the fall.

Any evening can be turned into a fun time with a Night Hike.

Make sure to dress warmly, and bring along a flashlight to light up anything you might see.

Keep your eyes open as you walk.  Remind that kids that there are many animals that are nocturnal (they hunt and stay awake during the nighttime).  Keep an ear out for owls, and an eye out for other animals such as opossums, badgers, mice, fox and bats!



The Moon

Spend a few evenings watching the moon.

Kids will notice that the moon changes over the course of a week or two.  Head outside each night and take a peek at the moon.  Have your child draw it’s shape each night — here’s a moon chart you can use to keep track of how its shape changes.

To learn more about the moon and its phases, here are some great books:

The Moon Seems to Change

This early-science reader introduces the different phases of the moon and why the moon seems to change its shape each night.


Hello, Harvest Moon

A beautifully illustrated story about what happens at night under the harvest moon.  Follow a little girl and her cat as they enjoy a nighttime adventure.


Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

A cute tale about a little girl who wants her Papa to get her the moon.  But it’s too big for Papa to take home.  A creative story about the waxing and waning of the moon.


The Moon Book

Learn all about the history of the moon, describes its phases and explains how we’ve explored it over the years.



I’ll admit, bats are not one of my favorite animals.  But they are very interesting to learn about and observe.  Bats can be found in many areas but are not often easy to see. Kids may ask how bats fly at night without flying into houses and trees.  Explain that bats use echolocation to get around.  Ecolocation uses sound waves that the bats send out; sound waves bounce off items like houses and trees so bats get an idea of how close they are to an object.


Here’s a fun song by Jump Start about ecolocation – very catchy!


Since bats are difficult to view, you might want to visit a zoo that has a bat exhibit.


 You might also want to visit your local library to check out a few of these fun books about bats:

Bats by Gail Gibbons

Learn all about these wonderful evening creatures in this great nonfiction book for kids.  Learn about the amazing abilities of bats!


Bats at the Beach

A very fun series of books, this one shows what bats do when visiting the beach at night!  A fun look at how nocturnal animals would enjoy the beach.  Enjoy a fun nighttime party with these cute little guys — and don’t forget your ‘moon-tan lotion’.


Bat Loves the Night

Follow bat as she flys through the night sky looking for her evening meal.  See how she uses sound to find her way around and then back home to feed her baby.



The Magic School Bus Going Batty

Go along for a ride when the Bus turns into a bat and explores a spooky mansion.  Kids will enjoy this early science look with a Halloween theme!

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