Batty Witch Mobile


Photograph: a mobile


  • A pencil
  • Black construction paper
  • Brown and black tissue paper
  • Transparent tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Two straws
  • Needle and thread

1. Print two copies of the bat and witch drawings. Cut out the bat, witch, and witch’s cape from one printout. Only cut along the solid lines. The cutouts will be your patterns. Use the other printout as reference.

2. Place the bat pattern onto a piece of black construction paper. Trace around the bat with a pencil, then cut out the bat.

3. Glue the black bat onto a piece of brown tissue paper. With a pencil carefully draw in the dotted-line wings freehand, using the original drawing to see where they belong. (See the photograph at left.)

4. Cut out the entire bat from the tissue paper.

5. Place the witch pattern onto a piece of black construction paper and trace around it. Cut out the witch.

6. Place the cape pattern onto a piece of black tissue paper and trace around it. Cut out the cape, then glue it to the witch’s back.

7. For each mobile you’ll need a least three figures—all bats, all witches, or a combination of the two.

8. Now assemble your mobile. Build a frame by pushing a needle and knotted thread through one end of a straw and into the center of a second straw. Leave about 10 inches (25 centimeters) of thread between the two straws. Cut the thread and knot it so the thread stays in place.

9. Pull a seperate thread through the head of a bat or through the witch’s hat and draw the thread through one of the three straw ends remaining. Knot the end of the thread. Leave from 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 centimeters) of thread between the bat or witch and the straw. Attach the other two figures to the other straw ends in the same way.

10. Complete the mobile this way: Loop a thread over the center of the first straw and knot the ends together. This loop is the hanger. To balance the mobile, slide the loop left or right, until the mobile hangs straight. Then tape the loop in place.

This Halloween Activity was spotted on National Geographic Kids.

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