Halloween Countdown

Here are the 30 ideas that Famiglia & Seoul  rounded up to help our family celebrate Halloween!

2. Whip up a batch of Apple Pie Play Dough and apple pancakes.
3. Read “Halloween is Here!”
4. Visit the pumpkin patch.
5. Paint a pumpkin.
8. Create a Halloween sensory tray.
9. Watch a Halloween movie and enjoy holiday snacks.
10. Put together a Boo Bath.
11. Snack on a bag of Halloween Boo Mix.
12. Read “Black Cat Creeping.”
13. Make treat bags to take to the neighbors.
14. Paint Ghost Cards to send out to friends.
16. Have some fun with a autumn sensory bin.
17. Bake Halloween sugar cookies and decorate.
18. Play with Ice Ghosts in the Sink.
21. Enjoy pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.
22. Read “Glow in the Dark Spooky House” while wearing glow bracelets.
23. Splash in some Boo Bubbles!
24. Decorate your own fall trees.
28. Go on a hayride.
29. Take an autumn nature walk.
30. Have a Halloween celebration!
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