Cristina Ines, an Au Pair from Brazil with Go Au Pair

“I am always in contact with children here with my cousins, nephews and students.”

Name: Cristina Ines
Age: 23
Availability Date: 10/30/2012
Nationality: Brazil
English Rank: 3

Program Type: Standard Au Pair, EduCare Au Pair
Type of Experience: Teacher, Other
Age Experience: Under 2 years old, 2-5 years old, 5 -10 years old, Over 10 years old
Driver’s License: Yes
Infant Qualified: Yes

Education: College Graduate
Languages: English, Italian, Portuguese
Hobbies: I like playing sports(soccer, volleyball), swimming, reading, listening to music, watching movies and taking a walk.

How has Cristina Ines been described by references?

She is a positive person, determined, organized, and helpful.

Why does Cristina Ines want to be an Au Pair?

I chose to participate in the Au Pair program because I am confident that this experience will bring me maturity, independence, challenge and I believe it will be an unforgettable experience I”ll take my whole life with me. I wish to know a new culture, improve my English, besides being an opportunity to continue working with children who I love.

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