Clam Down Kit

Sometimes anger can get the best of even the most mild mannered child. One thing to try is introducing a Calm Down Kit, as recommended by Social Work Practices.




It gives kiddos many coping skill options


Bubbles can help kids (and adults) breathe deeply. So can counting to 10…that’s what the “counting straws” are for!


Somt imes when kids (and adults) are  all filled up with emotions, our bodies seem to have  extra energy.  Playdough, a bouncy ball or a smooth stone for rubbing can help  get out that extra energy without harm to self, others or property.


And other times we all just want to be heard.  A notepad, some pencils or crayons and an envelope let us write or draw our feelings so we can talk about them later.


Lots of materials, one easy to carry box and…


Voila, everything fits and material can be switched out or in as desired.


Want a few more ideas?

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