Practice Random Acts of Kindness & Senseless Acts of Beauty

Teaching a child about doing for others is one of the greatest gifts you can give to them. One way to encourage this, is by creating a kindness chart. The one below is from Excited 2 learn.


To help you get started on your kind acts, here is a list of 25 acts that got Excited 2 Learn started:
✴ make a meal for someone ✴ give a family member/friend an extra big hug ✴ buy food to donate ✴ walk a neighbor’s dog ✴ help in a homeless shelter ✴ create a blessings jar ✴ write a card ✴ make a gift ✴ copy old photographs and handout to family members/friends ✴ help clean someone’s room/house/yard ✴ share a favorite book or toy with a friend ✴ leave a fun craft/activity for another child on his/her door step ✴ take out someone’s trash ✴ spend time with someone who is lonely ✴ free lemonade stand on a hot day ✴ give someone a compliment ✴ donate toys, clothes,… ✴ ask someone what you can do to be nice to him/her ✴ invite someone you have never had over for a play date ✴ pick up litter ✴ babysit for a friend ✴ call someone to say “I love you!” ✴ bake cookies for teachers, police officers, trash collectors… ✴ bring flowers to a neighbor ✴ put coins in expired meters ✴ help at a nursing home

For more ideas, visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

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