Coffee Filter Apple Art

What You Need:
1. coffee filter (1 per apple)
2. red/yellow/green markers
3. spray water bottle
4. construction paper apple template
5. glue
What To Do:
1. Have your apple template ready – I precut large apple templates for my preschoolers in red, yellow and green. I folded them in half and cut out the middle (see photo above).
2. Have child color coffee filter using all 3 colors – the more area they color the more vibrant your colors will be.
3. Using your spray water bottle, spray water directly onto the coffee filter. Try not to overspray the filter – a little water goes a long way with this. Observe your colors mixing with each other. The Lil Divas really enjoyed watching this part.
4. Let coffee filter dry – this doesn’t take too long since they are thin.
5. Glue coffee filter to back of apple template.
6. Check out your fab apple art and proudly display – this one definitely deserves a spot on the window, wall or fridge!
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