Get Kids To Listen Using the “To The Beat” Method

If you want your children to listen as if they had a headset on, read away.

Do you want your kids to do what they should without repeating yourself TEN times?

Or without you counting to TEN?

Or without feeling like it’ll take them TEN minutes before they actually do what you ask?

No, I do not have an unhealthy obsession with the number ten, but yes I do have a cool way to get your kids to listen and follow you.

Come closer, I’ll tell you all about it.

What is the “To The Beat” Method and how will it get children to listen?

This method is simple: play music instead of giving verbal instructions. It uses songs to do one of the following:

  1. to signal a task or activity that needs to be done
  2. to transition to that task or activity
  3. to challenge children to finish doing something before the song ends (ex: picking up toys, brushing teeth, etc.)

This method is based on an article by Dr. Heller, who is now a retired psychologist. The idea of which (the article) is to be more creative when communicating with children, instead of relying on verbal communication.

The reason for this is that children learn more by seeing, doing and playing as opposed to listening or hearing verbal instructions. However, do remember that like anything in parenting, figure out if this method works on your children.

If it does, good. If not, move on to other methods (which will be posted soon so watch out for them). Remember that all children are different; therefore, they respond to different things.

Whew! Now that’s done, it’s time to show you…

How to use this method so your children follow

Kids love music.

Why shouldn’t they? Its soul food, plus there are a ton of kiddie songs with catchy tunes that will help them do what needs to get done, minus all the drama and defiance.

  1. Choose 2-3 songs for each activity so as not to bore the children
  2. Use (catchy) kiddie songs or any pop songs your kids love
  3. Store them all in one place: burn them on a CD or if you’re using YouTube, organize the songs by adding them to a playlist
  4. Play the songs!

Here are examples on how to use music to “encourage” the little ones to do things.

Note: Adjust the music according to your child’s age and / or preferences. (I use the following songs below for my 5-year-old.)


  • Use this Good Morning Mr. Rooster song as an alarm
  • Use this Wake Up! song  to get kids ready in the morning (wash face, brush teeth, dress-up, eat breakfast, go to school)

Taking a bath / shower:

Doing homework:

  • Use this Homework song to get them in the mood for homework

Cleaning up:

  • Use this Clean Up to get kids to put toys and books away, and lastly…

Sleeping song:

  • Use this Lullaby song to signal that it’s time to wind down and sleep (what else?!)

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