hot rocks! painting with wax on rocks

Materials: smooth rocks cookie sheet crayons (wrappers peeled off) hot pad holders a heat resistant cover for the table oven

Directions: 1. Gather the smoothest rocks you can find and give them a good bath. 2. Put clean rocks on the cookie sheet and put in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. I’ve seen people put aluminum foil on the bottom of the cookie sheet, but this isn’t really necessary.

3. Peel crayons while you wait for the rocks to get hot. 4. Using a hot pad holder- CAREFULLY (HOT), place the rock on a heat resistant surface. Note- wax paper wasn’t the best choice for this project, I’m still scraping wax off the counter. Not sure where my head was!

5. Start melting the crayons on the rocks. It’s so pretty to watch the wax melt all over the rock. It’s more like painting with wax than coloring.

6. I kept the rocks waiting to be ”painted” in the hot oven to keep them hot while the girls worked on individual ones.

Warning– Fauna  and Araina found themselves burning their fingers more from the hot wax than the actual hot rock itself.

*I have actually braved this activity with a preschool class of 5 year olds years ago, I don’t plan on ever doing that again.  I would stick with the 7 year olds and up.

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