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Party paint game

Painting activities that allow for free exploration and experimentation are the most popular ones at our house.

Once we had all of our materials ready, we dipped the party blower into the paint and then blew it towards the paper. Paint went flying a bit, but most of it landed on the paper. We used our easel since it was easiest to stand up and blow, but you could also just tape paper to the wall.

Party paint game

In addition to dipping the party blower into the paint palette, we also blew it into the palette, got it covered in paint, and then blew it towards the paper.

Did you know that blowing through party blowers is a great oral motor exercise? Blowing with tools like these helps with breath control and lip pursing along with helping your child develop awareness of their mouth and learn movements that are needed for making speech sounds. Who knew that something so fun could also be helpful for your child’s speech and motor development?

Party paint game

We loved how each attempt was different and so colorful! Make sure you do this project in a space where a little flying paint is ok. :)

Although I did this creation with my almost 4 year old, I actually think it is more appropriate for kids 5 and up who have better self control and body awareness. I definitely recommend that you have your child do this activity with adult supervision… in fact, I have a feeling adults will want to jump in and try it themselves! I sure did!

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