Clean Mush


Cheese Grater
1 bar of Ivory soap
2-3 Rolls of Toilet Paper
1/3 C of Borax
Warm Water
Large container or bowl
Optional: Spoons,Cups,Mashers, Scooper

What You Do
Let your child unroll the toilet paper rolls
Grate 1 bar of soap using cheese grater
Add remaining ingredients and put all materials into a large container or bowl
Add enough warm water to saturate the mixture

What THEY Do
Let them mix it using their bare hands and other child friendly tools to explore

The mixture is pretty mushy at first (which is fun too!), but when most of the water is soaked up, it becomes more moldable, almost resembling something like lumpy mashed potato playdough. I doubled the mixture which seemed like just the right amount!

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