New Jersey Scoop Writing Program for Fourth Graders

Welcome to the New Jersey Scoop Writing Program!

Your 4th grade students can become reporters for the New Jersey Scoop online newspaper– a publication written about New Jersey by New Jersey’s 4th Graders! They research and write articles about New Jersey’s people, places, events and history for these sections of the newspaper:  Arts and Entertainment, Business, People in the News, Health and Wellness, Science and Environment, Sports, and Travel.  The “Best of the Best” articles are selected for publication and honored at regional awards events in the Spring.


Registration information will be posted soon!

Program Features:

  • Cross-curricula based research and writing assignment
  • Expanded teacher and student online resources for research
  • Classroom poster and incentives for students
  • Awards for the “Best of the Best” student authors
  • New! Heath and Wellness section this year
  • Classroom flexibility including creative class projects
  • Selected students will see their work published in the New Jersey Scoop Newspaper next Spring!

4th Grade FAQ

About the 4th Grade New Jersey Scoop Program…


Q:  What is the Celebrate NJ! Fourth Grade NJ Scoop Writing Program?

A:   Most kids in NJ learn about New Jersey in fourth grade.  We’ve created a fun curriculum-based writing contest that engages New Jersey’s fourth grade students in exercising their language arts, social studies, and computer technology skills as they learn about what makes New Jersey an awesome place to call home.


Deciding to participate…

Q: Who may participate?

A:  Any and every New Jersey student in the 4th grade in public or nonpublic schools, home schools, charter schools and afterschool programs is eligible to participate.

Q: Is there any cost to participate?

A:  There is no cost to participate.  As a nonprofit organization, we raise all of the money to fund the program and offer it free of charge.

Q: How do I register?

A:  It’s easy! Register your students by using the online registration form found on, School Program page. Once you are registered, you can get your students started in the process of choosing a topic and beginning their research.

Writing and Submitting Student Articles for the Contest…

Q: What are the guidelines and criteria for the articles that are submitted?

A:  The article should be 150 – 250 words, proof read and corrected prior to submission.  Please use no smaller than 12 font, in Arial or Times New Roman.  The topic should fit the assignment detailed on the Assignment page.  For further information please look on the website.

Q: How many articles may I submit from my class?

A: Up to six articles per class may be submitted by the predetermined deadline. We suggest that all members of the class determine which articles are sent to us.

Q: How do I submit the articles?

A: Instructions for submitting the articles will be posted on the Teachers page of the website and emailed to all registered teachers.

Q: How are the articles judged?

A: Received articles are organized, sorted, and made available for review to a group of volunteer judges. based on how well the articles meet the guidelines and criteria.


Student recognition and awards…


Q: How are the students that participate in the essay contest recognized?

A: All students who participate will be acknowledged in a special way. Each year we select the “Best of the Best” from all of the articles judged, and these students are invited to regional awards events.  The articles selected as Best of the Best are published in the New Jersey Scoop online newspaper.

Q: What is the New Jersey Scoop and when will articles be published there?

A: The New Jersey Scoop is our online newspaper and now an Annual Year Book, a place where selected articles may be viewed by the student, parents, and community members.  We usually publish  by the end of May at and offer the Year Book for sale to parents, teachers, family and friends on our online order site.

Q: Where are award ceremonies held?

A: Locations and dates will be announced.   Typically we hold the events atMonmouthUniversity, The Newark Museum, RaritanValleyCommunity College, and Burlington County College. Parent and Community Involvement…

Q:  How can parents get involved in this program?

A:  Field trips are great ways to bring research to life!  Whenever possible parents should support their child’s efforts during the fact-finding stage of the program.  The Parent’s Page on our website offers day trips and other ideas for parents.

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