Denim Pocket Purse


Total Time Afternoon Or Evening Ages All Ages
Turn an old pair of blue jeans into a hip over-the-shoulder bag.

What you’ll need
Pair of old jeans
Needle and thread
Ribbon or braided rope
Iron-on transfers, paint or patches
Velcro strips or snaps

How to make it
Begin by cutting out a back pocket of an old (but not threadbare) pair of jeans, being careful to cut outside the seams so the pocket stays intact.
Sew a long piece of ribbon, an old belt, or braided rope to the sides of the pockets to make a shoulder strap.
Next, let the outside of the purse become a canvas for ornaments. Decorate with iron-on transfers, fabric paint, beads, patches, or appliques. More ambitious kids might embroider their initials or other designs on the denim for an authentic seventies look.
To hold the purse shut, sew strips of Velcro, buttons or snaps to the inside of the pocket.

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