Liberty Science Center


Liberty State Park
222 Jersey City Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07305

Liberty Science Center is an interactive science museum and learning center located in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.
The center, which first opened in 1993 as New Jersey’s first major state science museum, has science exhibits, the largest IMAX Dome theater in the United States, numerous educational resources, and the original Hoberman sphere, a silver, computer-driven engineering artwork designed by Chuck Hoberman. The museum opened with another artistic exhibit that is related to the sciences, Jim Gary’s Twentieth Century Dinosaurs sculpture exhibition, as the exhibit on the ground floor.

Liberty Science Center’s exhibitions include:

Skyscraper! Achievement and Impact – the largest exhibition on the subject of skyscrapers in the world – with artifacts from the World Trade Center, a walk along an I-Beam two stories above the exhibition floor, an earthquake-shake table, a glass-Schindler 400A mid-rise Traction elevator, which is open to show how the elevator moves, the machine room, and the pit, and much more.

Eat and Be Eaten – this exhibit of life animals explores the predator-prey relationship, offering lots of live animals including deadly vipers, amazing puffer fish, and scores of other creatures.
Communication explores human communication in four areas—body and language; symbols, signs, and writing; print, audio, and video; and signals and networks. Here you can also do
Language Karaoke, where you are taught to say phrases in a new language: Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, or Cockney.
Infection Connection – helps guests understand how individual actions may affect global health issues. You may ride the IC Express, which shows a film about different types of infectious diseases.

I Explore – an age-restricted area, where guests under age six and their caregivers can explore aspects of the world around them through water play, a microscope, a large climbing structure, a street scape, and a rock xylophone – made from hanging rocks that ring like bells when struck.

Our Hudson Home – teaches guests about the wildlife and ecology of the Hudson River.
Wonder Why – holds many of the original exhibits from the earliest days of the museum

Energy Quest – explores different energy types and the technologies to harness these.

Wildlife Challenge – a seasonal outdoor exhibit in which guests can take part in a variety of physical activities, designed to simulate different animals’ environments. Activities include balance beams, and a zip line accessible only to guests that can hold onto a rope for at least ten seconds.

Travelling exhibitions Various temporary exhibits.
The first exhibit since the center re-opened was Islamic Science Re-Discovered.

Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear, let guests see how they would react when they were exposed to creepy animals, loud noises, electric shock and the fear of falling. The exhibit explored why their bodies react the way they do.

“Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age” used video installations, hands-on interactive displays, life-sized models and fossils to teach more about the extinct mammals. The exhibit showcased Lyuba, the world’s best preserved woolly mammoth specimen.

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