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Malawi is known as “the warm heart of Africa” because Malawians are warm and friendly people. Malawi has one of the highest birth rates in the world and because of this all of our available Au Pairs from Malawi have experience with children under the age of 2. In fact, all of our available Au Pairs from Malawi have at least 3,000 hours of experience with children this age.

Malawi is slightly smaller than the size of Pennsylvania and is a former British colony. Chichewa is the national language, but English is the official working language of Malawi. Because of this, our available Malawian Au Pairs have received an average English ranking of 4 out of 5.

The school system in Malawi was changed in 1994 so that primary education for children is compulsory and free. Children in Malawi begin school when they are 6 and attend for 8 years. Private and public secondary schools are available. Over half of our available Malawian Au Pairs are college graduates.

What do Host Parents say about their Au Pairs from Malawi?

Brandi is a Host Mom with Go Au Pair. Her Au Pair from Malawi, Myna, has been with the family since 2008 and is currently in her extension (2nd) year.

How well did your Au Pair assimilate into your home?

Myna felt like a part of the family the instant we met her at the airport. She has a very kind nature and is extremely good with our son CJ. There were very few cultural issues to work through. Southern California was the perfect fit for Myna. She enjoys the same things that our family does – the beach, outdoor activities, and there are plenty of things to do in the area. Myna has also developed friendships of her own through school and my son’s activities.”

What cultural differences did you encounter?

“The Malawian culture tends to be a bit more passive than the American culture. Myna is hesitant to ask for anything or bring up an issue more than once. As a working mom, I am pulled in a lot of different directions. So Myna has learned to sit down with me periodically and explain the things that she needs or wants to talk about. It works very well. Other than that, there have been very few cultural differences.”

Would you ever choose another Au Pair from Malawi?

ABSOLUTELY. Although there will never be another girl like Myna, we would definitely choose another Au Pair from Malawi.”

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