Adriana, an Au Pair from South Africa with Go Au Pair

“I am a bubbly, fun-loving person and I will go out of my way to lift people”s spirits.”

Name: Adriana
Age: 17
Availability Date: ASAP
Nationality: South Africa
English Rank: 5

Program Type: Standard Au Pair
Type of Experience: Baby-sitting, Youth Group
Age Experience: 2-5 years old, 5 -10 years old, Over 10 years old
Driver’s License: No
Infant Qualified: No

Education: High School Graduate
Languages: English, Afrikaans
Hobbies: I enjoy listening to music, singing, and making people laugh.

How has Adriana been described by references?

Focused, courageous, and willing to burn the midnight oil to reach the goals as set, she communicates easily with her peers and seniors.

Why does Adriana want to be an Au Pair?

I want to be an Au Pair because of my love for children first and foremost. Another reason I”d like to be an Au Pair is to experience different cultures, lifestyles and routines.

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