Giant Marbles

In this oversize version of the classic game, kids take aim at a collection of sports balls.
Number of players: 2 or more

What you’ll need

  • Variety of sports balls
  • Rope or chalk

How to play

  1. To set up: First collect as many balls as you can (soccer, beach, playground, and basketballs), then make a large circle with rope on grass or chalk on blacktop. Place all the balls into the circle and spread them out a little.
  2. To play: Players use one ball as the shooter (a heavier basketball or soccer ball works well). Standing 10 feet away, players take turns rolling this ball at the pile to try to knock out as many balls as they can without the shooter’s going outside the ring. If a player knocks out any balls, he keeps them (“keepsies” in marbles lingo) and gets to go again. When the circle is empty, the player with the most keepsies wins.

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