Help! My Child Won’t Take a Bath!!

In our house, every time after dinner, we head straight to the bath. Then we read a few books and within 20 minutes, it’s ‘lights-out’. But it wasn’t always this easy…Here’s how we did it.

First, we established a routine with our bath-time and tried our best to stick to the routine, no matter which night it is. For a child who has a difficult time taking baths its important to follow through and take a bath EVERYDAY—until he/she does this without protesting.

Here are four hints that made bath-time (and bedtime) easier…

  • Have your child participate in preparation for the bath by getting the towel out, running the water and picking out the pj’s.
  • Let your child enjoy the bath but only with bath-specific toys (meaning, these toys should only be given at bath time).
  • It is also important to tell your child FIRST we will wash your hair THEN your body and THEN your face and THEN we are DONE. This helps with the routine.
  • Reinforce bath-time AFTER the bath by giving some type of reward…like special time with a favorite toy or book. Make sure these toys or books are only AFTER the bath.

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