Hui, an Au Pair from China with Go Au Pair

“I am a confident, lively, cheerful, approachable and warm-hearted girl.”

Name: Hui
Age: 26
Availability Date: ASAP
Nationality: China
English Rank: 3

Program Type: Standard Au Pair
Type of Experience: Baby-sitting, Tutoring, Teacher
Age Experience: Under 2 years old, 2-5 years old
Driver’s License: Yes
Infant Qualified: Yes

Education: College Graduate
Languages: English, Mandarin
Hobbies: Photography, traveling, cooking, swimming, skating, skiing, cosplay, films, singing, dancing, and hosting. During my school year and work I have taken

How has Hui been described by references?

She is easy-going, optimistic, passionate, active, and careful.

Why does Hui want to be an Au Pair?

Since I heard of this program from a friend of mine, I have a keen interest in it, because I believe it must be a great chance for me to grow. In an American family, I could be immersed in a full English world, and I could know more about American child-rearing methods and philosophy of education that would be helpful for my future job.

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