Summary: This is the perfect outdoor field game to play with kids.

Goal: Don’t get all the letters, “SPUD”!

Preparation:  – A soft ball that you can throw at people
How to Play the Spud Game: 1. Choose one person to be in the middle of the field. All players must be within arm’s distance of the person in the middle.

2. Give the ball to the person in the middle of the group. The person must throw the ball straight up in the air. As soon as the ball is in the air, everyone must run away from the person in the middle. When person in the middle catches the ball, the person must shout “SPUD!” and everyone must instantly freeze where they are at.

3. The person in the middle takes three steps in any direction. After this, the person can throw the ball at any player from where he or she is at. The player can dodge the ball, but must not move his or her feet. If a player is hit, then he or she  receives the letter “S” (similar to the game Horse) and gets to be the person in the middle. If the player is NOT hit, then the person in the middle receives the letter “S” and continues to play in the middle.

4. The game repeats until one player receives all four letters, “SPUD”. The person who gets “SPUD” is out of the game. This continues until there is only one person left in the game- who is the winner.

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