Can Stilts

I have a vivid memory of walking around on can stilts as a child.  I must have been about 5 or 6.  And if  my memory serves me right,  I was in a church basement with my best friend Chrissy Pool.  I remember the cans were large, most likely Folgers cans.  But then again, everything seems larger when you’re a child.  I can recall the clanking noise they made against the floor.  And of course, I remember it being lots of fun.
So, I decided to make a set for my children.  They were both eager to try out the can stilts.  My youngest who is  three needed a little help walking around.  My 5 year old son was able to  walk around on his own.  In fact, even as I type he’s walking around on them in  his bedroom.  Although, I recommend them for outdoor use.

Supplies: 2 29 oz cans – In the pictures I used  smaller cans but I recommend a larger can (like the large cans of pumpkin filling).  A wider base makes it easier for kids to walk around.  There’s also less chance of them getting frustrated.  If all you have is small can’s they’ll work too.  It’s just a little more challenging.
hammer nail strong string

With the nail, hammer  two holes on opposite sides of the bottom of the cans.  Thread the string trough the holes of the can.  Tie knot inside the cans to secure.  (Refer to pictures).  Make sure the string is at a good length for the child to hold on to.

Have the child hold the string tight when they walk.
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