The Big Wind Blows


Here’s a classic outdoor game that’s perfect for blustery spring days.

What you’ll need
Rock, sticks, jackets, or other items to mark players’ seating locations

How to play
To play, first have all but 1 player (the caller) sit arm’s length apart in a circle. (To help prevent disagreements about seating locations, mark each spot with a rock, stick, jacket, or other item.)
The caller stands in the middle and begins the game by saying “The big wind blows …” and completing the sentence with a description that applies to herself and to at least 2 other members of the group, such as “anyone wearing a red coat” or “everyone with blue eyes.”
All of the players to whom her description applies must get up and dash across the circle to another seat, maneuvering around other relocating players (including the caller, who scrambles for a spot herself). The player left without a seat becomes the caller for the next round.

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