Nature T-Shirt


Total Time 1 Hour Ages All Ages

This method of capturing natural shapes on a shirt is so popular that kids might request the project for their summer birthday parties and camps.

What you’ll need
Solid-colored T-Shirt
Assorted natural objects (leaves, ferns, flowers)
Rubber gloves
Spray bottle
Shirts in bright hues of pink, blue and green work best.

How to make it
Lay the shirt outdoors on a hard, flat surface, such as cement, away from anything that might be damaged by bleach. Arrange the leaves, flowers and other objects in a simple design on the shirt. Only the silhouettes of the items will show, so objects with distinctive shapes work best. If there’s a breeze, place stones on the objects to hold them in place.
This step is for adults only: Wearing rubber gloves, spray the shirt lightly with bleach around all the edges of the design. Let the shirt set until you see the color start to change—about 1 minute or so. Carefully remove and dispose of the flowers and leaves.
Submerge the shirt in a bucket of water and thoroughly rinse it. This stops the bleach from eating through the fabric. Put it through the washer and dryer, and your masterpiece is ready to wear.

Note: Be sure to label the spray bottle, or empty and rinse it immediately.

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