embroider your kids’ artwork

My son drew a picture a while ago of a boy picking apples. I saved it, but it is getting a little scrunched. So I found a cheap and easy way to make it last a little longer! It’s called an Embroidery Transfer Pencil, and it is a fun, easy way to turn your child’s (or your own) artwork into a treasured keepsake.


*Drawing you want to transfer to fabric
*Light-colored fabric of your choice (try white muslin)
*Embroidery transfer pencil
*Embroidery floss

1. Trace over your drawing with an embroidery transfer pencil. Joann has a lot of options for pencils, and they are only $2-$3. Remember, your image will be transferred in reverse, so avoid images that won’t look right backward.

2. Place your paper face down on your fabric and iron with a dry iron.


3. If you have an embroidery hoop, put your fabric in it. If not, you can still do it, but it will just be a little less stable when you’re stitching. Stitch over the lines of your image, changing colors when necessary.

4. Leave it in the hoop or frame it for an adorable keepsake!


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