Shuffle Caps

Decidedly more edgy than its country club cousin, our version of shuffleboard is played with juice bottle caps that can slide off – or be knocked off – the table, resulting in dire consequences.

What you’ll need
Masking tape (we used easy-to- remove painters’ tape)
8 large plastic bottle caps (4 per player) individually marked to represent two teams
How to play
SETUP: Create the scoring triangle with tape: the tip is worth 50 points, the middle 25 points, and the base 10 points. Use another piece of tape to mark the push-off point at the opposite end of the table.
HOW TO PLAY: Take turns sliding your caps (they slide best upside down) from behind the push-off point. You can knock your opponent out of the triangle or right off the table. More than half the cap must be inside the space to count as in. The first player to score 200 points wins.
REF SAYS: If you shoot your cap off the table, you lose 25 points. But if you knock off your opponent’s cap, he loses 25!

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