Driveway Baseball

Who says you need a bat and ball to play baseball? In our version, hardtop sluggers toss stones to generate hits and make outs in the field.

What you’ll need
5 stones
Flat stones are easier to control than round ones.
Beanbags also work well, especially for pint-size players.

How to play

Setup: Draw the playing field as shown. Near the field, create a scoreboard. Have each player choose a stone and use chalk to decorate it with her team’s colors.
The first player to bat stands or kneels at home plate and tries to land her stone on a spot indicating a hit. If she misses, it’s an out. If her stone lands on the target, the other player gets a chance to toss his stone on the same spot. A matching toss turns the hit into an out; a miss means the hit stands. Use other stones to mark the locations of base runners, and move them according to the results of the tosses. The winner is the team with the most runs after the designated number of innings.


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