Chinese Au Pairs with Go Au Pair

China is the most populated country in the world with over 1.3 billion people as of July, 2009. The growing population offers a variety of ways to gain child care experience. Most of our Chinese Au Pairs have worked or volunteered as tutors for younger children. Nearly all of our Au Pairs from China are qualified to work with infants based China is the most populated country in the world and this growth has helped our Au Pairs gain a variety of child care experiences.on their daycare and babysitting experience.
English is now a compulsory subject in Chinese primary and secondary schools. Fluency in English is a highly prized skill in the Chinese job market and that is one of the reason Chinese Au Pairs choose to come to the U.S. instead of other countries.

Education is very important in Chinese culture and new steps have been taken to increase opportunities for higher education. All of the Au Pairs from China currently placed in the U.S. were either enrolled in college or already held a degree prior to their arrival. The education component of the Au Pair program is often appealing to our Chinese Au Pairs.

What do Host Parents say about their Au Pairs from China?

Clara is a Host Mom with Go Au Pair. Qin is from China and is her family’s first Au Pair. Qin recently began her extension (2nd) year with Clara’s family.

How well did your Au Pair assimilate into your home?

“Very well. We’re a Korean family and our way of living is pretty compatible. She was very courteous and enjoyed eating similar types of food as well.”

What cultural differences did you encounter?

“I didn’t find any major differences that caused any problems. We were both very respectful of each other’s culture.”

Would you ever choose another Au Pair from China?

“Yes, as long as she has a good understanding of our relationship and loves our children, I think we would get along just fine.”

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