Rock Toss Game


What you’ll need
2 to 3 medium-size stones per player. To avoid confusion, assign each person a different shade (gray, white, orange, black, and so on).
1 large rock (8 to 12 inches across), heavy enough not to budge when the smaller ones hit it, or a sturdy stick or piece of driftwood staked in the sand as a target

How to play
Place the target rock or stick in an open area of sand away from other beachgoers. Scratch a line in the sand 8 to 12 feet away from it. Players take turns standing behind the line and trying to toss a stone as close to the target as possible.
Once all the stones are tossed, check to see which came closest. (Bouncing off the target doesn’t matter; what matters is where your stone lands.) You can play as individuals or teams and score the rounds separately or accumulate points toward a set goal. After several rounds, try moving the line farther from the target.

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