Backpack Shirt


Simple craft techniques give a T-shirt a second life

Total Time Needed:
1-2 Hours
Take the shirt off your back, and turn it into a bag you can wear — on your back! This project calls for an eyelet or grommet kit, which may require an adult’s help to use.
Sharp scissors
Needle and thread
Large safety pin
Clothesline cord, about 6 times the width of the shirt
7/16-inch eyelet (or grommet) kit (see tip below)

Turn the T-shirt inside out, then cut across the shirt from armpit to armpit. You’ll need only the bottom section.

Use the needle and thread to sew a simple stitch across the shirt, about a half inch in from the cut edge, to seal what will be the bottom of the bag.

Turn the shirt right side out. Snip the shirt’s hem almost all of the way through (do not cut any stitching) at the midpoint between the two side seams. Attach a large safety pin to one end of the clothesline cord. Feed the cord, safety pin first, through the casing of the hem.

Follow the eyelet or grommet kit instructions to add eyelets to the bottom corners of the bag.
Thread the ends of the cord through the eyelet holes and double-knot them to secure.

An eyelet or grommet kit can be purchased at craft stores or online for around $15. In a pinch, you can cut the holes with scissors and seal the cut edges with fabric glue, but the result won’t be as neat or as sturdy.

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