Argentine Au Pairs with Go Au Pair

Countries Au Pairs Come From

Your children deserve the world and that is why Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries.
Go Au Pair forms lasting relationships with International Representatives throughout the world that provide your family with the opportunity to match with the best Au Pair for your family’s needs. Go Au Pair’s International Representatives carefully screen and interview each Au Pair to ensure you get the best for your family.
The countries listed to the right are only a small sample of the countries from which Go Au Pair recruits. Call us at 888.AUPAIR.1 to learn about the other countries Go Au Pair works with.

Argentine Au Pairs

Argentina is a former Spanish colony in South America. A large part of Argentina’s culture comes from the mass immigration of Europeans to the country in the early 1900s. It is common for Argentine Au Pairs to have Italian or Spanish roots because of this.
Spanish is the official language of Argentina. English is taught to children in schools and it is also common for our Argentine Au Pairs to speak a third language, which is often French or Portuguese.
College education is very important in Argentina. The national universities are financed by the government and are tuition-free to students. Because of this, most of our Au Pairs from Argentina are either students or plan to enroll in college after their time as an Au Pair in the U.S.

What do Host Parents say about their Au Pairs from Argentina?

Donna, a Host Mom with Go Au Pair, has placed with Argentine Au Pairs twice. Her current Au Pair from Argentina, Lucia, has been with her family for 8 months.

How well did your Au Pair assimilate into your home?

“We have had two Au Pairs from Argentina. Both were from the country part of Argentina, one from Rosario and one from Salta, and both assimilated quite quickly to our home. Both Au Pairs built loving and warm relationships with my children, so much so that my daughter considers them the older sisters she never had.”

What cultural differences did you encounter?

“Because they come from relatively large families, there weren’t many cultural differences that we encountered. As a matter of fact we learned many of the Argentinean dishes. I can get my kids to eat any kind of empanada now.”

Would you ever choose another Au Pair from Argentina?

“I have had Au Pairs from Argentina, Brazil and Turkey. I don’t know if I will ever consider another Au Pair from any country other than Argentina. Both became a part of our family as well we became a part of their family. When we go to visit Argentina, we have two families there that are as much a part of our family as we are to them.”

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