Hole In The Bucket


Required: One large trash can or 30 gallon tub, two receiving buckets, water source and two large coffee cans Players: Small to large groups

Punch several holes into the bottom and the sides of your cans using a hammer and large nail. Large juice or bean cans will work also. Do this from the outside go into the can to prevent sharp edges on the outside. Make sure there are no sharp edges around the top of can, you can do this by hammering around the inside edge while against a hard surface. You can spray paint your cans with car paint ahead of time for different colored teams. Fill up a large clean container of water at starting point. At the other end of play field have a receiving bucket the same size for each team. Divide into teams and have one person at a time from each team do relay. Each person is to go to the large container, dip their can into it, put the can on their head or carry it in front of them, go down the field to their teams receiving bucket and pour what water is left into the bucket. Once they have done this they can run back to starting point and give the next person the can to do the same. The first team to fill their receiving bucket is the winner.

Spotted on funattic.com. Click here for link.
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