Andra Maria, an Au Pair from Romania with Go Au Pair

“I am an open-minded, friendly girl and I can barely wait to learn new things and meet new people.”
Age: 25
Availability Date: 07/30/2012
Nationality: Romania
English Rank: 4

Program Type: Standard Au Pair, Transition Au Pair
Type of Experience: Nanny, Teacher
Age Experience: 2-5 years old, 5 -10 years old, Over 10 years old
Driver’s License: Yes
Infant Qualified: No

Education: College Graduate
Languages: English, German, Romanian
Hobbies: Travel, reading, teaching, children

How has Andra Maria been described by references?

She is calm, kind, hardworking, organized, responsible, and affectionate.

Why does Andra Maria want to be an Au Pair?

I want to study and learn about the American culture and because I love children very much.

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