Valley Shepherd Creamery


Farm Tours

Come out to the farm to see ewes and lambs grazing in our pastures (spring). Watch us milk our ewes on a special rotating milking parlor, and see how we hand make our artisan sheep milk Cheeses and yummy ‘Ewe-gurt’. Take a hayride through the pastures to our cheese aging cave in the hillside of Long Valley (fall).

What will your tour include?

On the Milk & Cheese Tour … your actual tour (about 1.5 hours) will be divided into several stages. You will begin the visit at our Sheep Shoppe, where your guide will escort you into the Viewing Gallery. The guide will discuss our cheesemaking process, and our glassed-in viewing areas provide a real life peek into the world of sheep milking and old world cheesemaking. We will proceed to taste a few of Valley Shepherd’s cave aged cheeses and discuss how they are made.

In addition, you can also take a look into our state-of the-art barn with automatic feeding belts. Watch as our sheep are milked at 5pm on the only rotating sheep parlor in the United States. Finish your tour in the Sheep Shoppe, where you will certainly want to nibble cheeses made right here at award-winning Valley Shepherd Creamery. Browse the Shoppe at your leisure, enjoying a charming and heartwarming collection of sheep products and gifts. You are welcome to bring a picnic (and wine) and enjoy the day on our farm porch. Our shop does sell small chunks of cheese to complete your picnic.

When are tours?

The tours take place on saturdays and Sundays during July and August at 3:30pm.

Where Is Valley Shepherd Creamery?

Look for the MAP ! You cant get even directions from your actual location….

How Much does it cost?

Only $8.75 per person (over 12) All kids (2-12 years) are $6.75, and under 2 years are free. Shepherds over 100 are free!

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