Greased Watermelon Polo

Required: Pool, watermelon, jar of petroleum jelly or shortening

Players: Small to large groups

The object of the game is to get the greased watermelon to opposing team’s end Wall. “Grease up” a full-size watermelon (and 1 or 2 more for backup or to add a twist) with petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) or shortening (like Crisco) by spreading it all over the entire watermelon. Divide the group into two teams. Have teams start along “their wall” opposite each other, a rectangular pool works best. Drop, don’t throw, the watermelon into the center of the pool. At the referee’s signal or when the watermelon hits the water, the teams move to get the watermelon. Players attempt to move the watermelon, without lifting it out of the water, to the opposing team’s wall/side. They can push it, grab and swim/run with it or propel it through the water. They may not lift it out of the water! If a player lifts the watermelon out of the water it is a foul, play stops and the “fouling” team goes back to their wall. The other team maintains possession of the watermelon where the foul was committed and play resumes. Players grapple for position and possession of watermelon, but may not choke, kick, bite, or strike other players. They may however “wrestle” the watermelon out of opposing players arms. Remember at this point that the watermelon will be quite slippery, and after 5 minutes the players will be too! If one team gets the watermelon to touch the opposing team’s wall they score a point. If a point is scored, replace the watermelon with another that is greased-up or grease-up existing watermelon for the next round. Play to whatever score you choose.

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