Captain’s Calling


Simon Says meets the seven seas in this sea-themed game.

What you’ll need

  • Nothing
  • 3 or more players

How to play

  1. Setup: Creating a list of seafaring commands might help the first captain, but it isn’t necessary. Some examples: Pull up the lifeboats, Take down the sails, Walk the plank, Mop the decks, Scan the horizon, Cast a fishing rod, Dance a jig.
  2. First choose a captain. Each round begins with the players standing at attention, giving crisp salutes. When the captain calls out “At ease,” the players can drop their hands to their sides.
  3. The captain begins to call out sailing-themed commands, and the players pretend to do them — but only if the captain has first called out “Attention!” and they have saluted. If a player follows a command when he was supposed to be at ease, it’s man overboard for him. The last crew member left standing wins and becomes the new captain.

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