Color Guard

A mash-up of tag, basketball, and color identification, this game requires some lightning-quick moves.

What you’ll need

  • Plastic eggs or balls of different colors
  • Pail or tub

How to play

  1. First, place plastic eggs or balls of different colors — at least one egg per player — into a pail or tub. Choose one person to be the color guard. The guard stands next to the tub with her eyes closed while the other players each take an egg from the tub and move a few steps away.
  2. The guard then opens her eyes and shouts out a color. Any player holding that color egg must now try to get the egg back into the tub without being tagged by the guard. Players can throw their eggs, but any that land outside the tub must be picked up by the thrower. Anyone who gets tagged, or whose egg is caught by the guard, is out of the game. The last remaining player gets to be the color guard in the next round.

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