Water Bomb Toss

Summer is the time of year to play water games so for your next kids party game, play Water bomb toss. It’s easy and fun to play, so if you have a pool, get the kids laughing as they stay cool!

Number of players:


What you need:

  • Pool toys
  • Pool
  • Rope



Divide the players into two teams.

Assign each team to one side of the pool and run a rope across the middle to define the two sides.

Divide the pool toys evenly between the two teams.

Toss each team’s toys onto their side of the pool. These are the “bombs” for each team to toss onto their opponent’s side.

Each team has a set time to try and toss all their bombs onto the other side of the pool and “blow up” their opponents.

When the time is up, the team with the least amount of bombs on their side wins the game.


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