Cool-Off Game: Soggy Jog Relay


Put on your swimsuits and start running in this wet and wild relay.
What You Need
Soft, grassy area to run on
Pair of loose-fitting sweatpants for each team
Large bucket of water
Lawn chair
1 to 10 players
Line up the teams side by side, set the bucket of water between them, and position the lawn chair 20 feet away.
At the signal, the first child in each line dunks his team’s sweatpants in the water, puts them on, and then runs around the chair and back to the starting line.
There, he peels off the sweatpants (like a banana) and gives them to the next runner to dunk and don (inside out or right-side out), and so on.
The first team whose members have all completed the task wins.

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