Banana-Chocolate Chip-Pecan Protein Bars

1 very ripe banana                                           
1  cup Bisquick® Complete pancake & waffle mix                                           
 1/2   cup vanilla powder                                           
 1 egg                                           
 2 tablespoons brown rice syrup or real maple syrup                                           
1/2  cup miniature semisweet chocolate chips                                           
1  bag (2 oz) pecan chips                                           
1/2   cup Betty Crocker® Rich & Creamy vanilla frosting (from 1-lb container)                                           
18    dried banana chips, if desired                                           
  •  Heat oven to 350°F. Spray 9-inch square pan with cooking spray.
  •  In medium bowl, beat banana with electric mixer on medium speed until pureed. Add Bisquick mix, protein powder, egg and syrup; beat until well combined. Stir in chocolate chips and half of the pecan chips. Spread in pan. Sprinkle with remaining pecan chips.
  •  Bake 18 to 25 minutes or just until center is set. Cool completely in pan on cooling rack, at least 30 minutes. Cut into 3 rows by 3 rows. Remove bars to cooling rack or plate.
  •  Spoon frosting into small resealable freezer plastic bag; microwave on High 10 to 15 seconds. Cut off tiny corner of bag; squeeze bag to drizzle frosting over bars. Gently press 2 dried banana chips on top of each bar.

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