“It Worked For Me!” Tip(s) of the Day


My friends and I meet every month for a toy swap where we exchange playthings that our kids have grown bored with. It’s a great way to get free toys and a fun excuse to hang out with friends!

I save time pairing up my two girls’ socks by writing my younger daughter’s initials in permanent marker on the bottom of each of her socks. This way I can quickly see what belongs to which child, and they never end up with the wrong-size socks.

To help my 4-year-old son learn his ABCs, I cut foot shapes from construction paper and wrote a letter of the alphabet on each one. Then I taped them to the floor, gave him a flashlight, and told him to shine it on each footprint and say the letter out loud. He loved the game, and he really learned his letters quickly.

Tips spotted on parents.com. Click here for link.
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