Does your child care let you choose specific skills for the care provider that matches the needs of your family? Go Au Pair Does

You Choose Skills

Don’t be limited by the qualifications and personnel of your local care providers – with Go Au Pair child care you get to choose the ideal candidate with the skills and trainings that are important to you and your family.
Some skills you will be able to choose from include:

Safety Training:

The safety of your children is of the utmost importance to Go Au Pair: all our Au Pairs are required to complete our 32-hour instructional training curriculum and can participate in an optional three-day New York Introductory Workshop, where additional skills such as CPR and first aid are taught. For your convenience, all qualifications and certifications are verified and displayed in each Au Pair’s profile.

Driving Experience:

Having extra help to get your children to and from school and extracurricular activities is a huge benefit of Au Pair child care. Information regarding each Au Pair’s driving experience, driving frequency, familiarity with car sizes and types and more are include in their profile.

Infant Certification:

Caring for a young child under the age of two is a much different experience than watching over a teenager. With at least 200 documented hours of experience caring for children under the age of two, our infant-qualified Au Pairs have the prior training and expertise to properly take care of your young ones.

Past Child Care Work:

With Go Au Pair’s online Au Pair profiles, you will get detailed records of years of experience, ages of the children cared for, types of child care services provided, as well as the responsibilities performed… all to help you make the most informed decision.
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