Grab Bag

This action-packed relay is full of surprises.

What You Need
  • two brown paper bags
  • slips of paper
  • pencil
  1. Setup: You’ll need a starting line, a designated turnaround point, and two teams (with at least two players per team). Also, two brown bags, slips of paper, and a pencil.
    On the slips, write instructions: “Hop to the tree and back,” “Run to the slide, go down, and run back,” “Do 25 jumping jacks.” Make two of each instruction (so that the teams will have identical sets). Put one in each bag. Each bag should have one slip per player.
  2. To play: The first player on each team pulls a slip from the bag, performs the action, and tags the next player, who does the same. The first team to finish all the actions wins.
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