Au Pairs vs Other Forms of Child Care from Go Au Pair

As a live-in childcare provider, an Au Pair provides a unique cultural exchange experience and offers unmatched convenience for a family seeking childcare. Don’t be limited by your daycare center or nannies anymore; from budget, skills to schedule and more – with Go Au Pair, you choose what is most important to your family.

Choose Skills:

All our Au Pairs must complete a 32-hour training course.  Many are CPR and first aid certified and most are infant qualified with more than 200 hours of infant care experience. Take comfort knowing that your Au Pair is properly trained and prepared for unexpected situations.

Choose Schedule:

Create the schedule that best fits your needs and have the flexibility to change it as needed. Flexible scheduling, up to 45 hours a week, 10 hours a day, and live-in care means no more rushed mornings and frantic after-work evenings.

Choose Budget:

Starting at about $7.55 an hour, the cost of child care doesn’t change even if you have more than one child. Add in our personalized payment plans and protection program and you have a truly flexible and affordable childcare solution.

Choose Lifestyle:

Go beyond basic childcare: your Au Pair provides homework help, helps with meals and participates in the lives and activities of your children.  Your Au Pair is more than a babysitter; they are an extended member of your family.

Choose Culture:

Whether it is learning a new language, experiencing native cuisines or introducing your family to different traditions and customs, your Au Pair will immerse your family in a new and exciting foreign culture.

How Au Pair Child Care compare against other forms of Child Care:

            Go Au Pair Nanny Daycare
              Choose Skills
Skills and Training             32 hours of training DVD series
NY Workshop (optional)
Varies Varies
              Choose Schedule
Schedule             Up to 45 hrs per week
Up to 10 hrs a day
At discretion of the nanny/commitments Limited to operating hours and late fees
            Unexpected Childcare Needs Live-in convenience Subject to schedule Subject to operating hrs
              Choose Budget  
            Cost             Starting at $7.55/hr (regardless of # of kids) Typically $10-$15/hr (extra charges for more children) Approximately $8.00/ hr (per child)
              Choose Lifestyle             
            Additional Household Help Yes (child-related) Varies No
  Choose Culture
Culture and Languages             Handpick an Au Pair’s nationality and languages spoken Varies No
  Peace of Mind
Careful Screening             Screened, interviewed and background checked Your responsibility Varies
Regulations             Regulated by the U.S. Department of State Self-regulated Self-regulated
Live Support             Local Area Representatives and Placement Coordinators Often no professional support Limited to operating hours

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