Bottle- Water Game

This is really a very enjoyable game that will pull even the most bored child back into the pool. In this game, a 2-liter bottle has to be filled with pool water. The bottle should have a white cap, or a cap of the same color as the floor tiles of the pool. Any wrapper or sticker on the bottle has to be removed. The players are divided in to two teams. Each team is lined up at each end of the pool, with their faces turned away from the pool. An adult, or one of the players who stands out of the pool, throws the bottle in the water. On hearing the splash, the players turn around and try to retrieve the bottle. Although it sounds a pretty simple game, the catch lies in the fact that it is very difficult to locate the bottle as it is devoid of any marking that would reveal its location on the floor of the pool. Remember, only expert swimmers would be able to dive and bring the bottle (or other things) from the bottom of the pool, as they have to hold their breath longer.


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