Save the King


This friendlier version of dodgeball features softer, no-sting balls and a team strategy that gets players to work together.

What you’ll need
2 foam balls or socks stuffed with other socks
How to play
Setup: Draw the playing area by drawing four parallel lines across the driveway. Create 2 outer spaces 5 feet deep and, between them, a 10-foot-long section of no-man’s land, a safe zone.
Divide the players into 2 teams and give each a ball. The rules here are like those for regular dodgeball, but before play begins, each team designates 1 player as their king.
At “Go,” players begin throwing the balls at the opposing team. If a player is hit by a ball, he’s out; if he catches one, the thrower is out.
The ball is neutral, so it can be used as a shield to block throws. And here’s the kicker: if a king gets hit, his entire team loses!
Players can enter the designated No Man’s Land area to get balls, but you can’t throw — or be hit — in here.

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