Helping Your Au Pair be a Safe Driver- Tips from Go Au Pair

Au Pairs are accustomed to driving in their home country and not necessarily driving in the United States. There are going to be adjustments, which possibly may include driving on a different side of the road, manual vs. automatic transmission, the size of the car, and different driving rules and laws.
Host Families have an opportunity to help teach their Au Pair the new skills and rules necessary to be a safe driver while here in America. Ask your Au Pair if they feel comfortable driving your family car. If not, be willing to help them practice their skills. Explain to them the laws of the road in your particular state.
With the winter season here, make your Au Pair aware of additional driving hazards in your area. Help them understand how to stay in control of the car in poor weather conditions or avoid allowing them to drive in bad conditions altogether. If they do need to drive, however, make sure they leave with plenty of time to arrive at their destination.

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