Teacher Gift- forget me not flower pot


When it comes to thanking their teachers, second grader Ricky Potts and first grader Taylor Rae Potts of Columbia, South Carolina, have an annual tradition. At the end of the school year, each child makes his or her teacher a plant-your-own kit from a small flowerpot, a packet of forget-me-not seeds, and a plastic bag of potting soil. To boost the teacher’s memory (in case the forget-me-nots don’t quite do the trick), Ricky and Taylor Rae each color-copy a class picture, cut it out, and decoupage it to the sides of their pots. (Be sure to use a plastic pot, since water can seep out of terra-cotta pots and ruin the photos.) The finishing touch is a plant marker made from a craft stick with a message in marker or puffy paint that says, you guessed it, “Forget-me-not from Ricky (or Taylor Rae) Potts.” Mom Kim confesses that they make extra Forget-me-not Pots for themselves: “I save them from year to year, lined up on the windowsill like little yearbooks.”

originally posted on familyfun.com


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